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Happy Birthday Take-chan ! <3
Did'nt have time to say that earlier because it's also my mom's birthday today ! Busy day ! LOL

Happy Birthday Take-chan !
Otanjobi Omedetou ! Have lot of fun for this new year !
Today was 1st day of TAKERU FESTIVAL, seems he had lot of fun as he write it in his blog ! 400th entries already ! YAY !

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@Zoey : We will wait your report ! YAY ! I definitly will read it ! so cool if Takeru has black hair again ! he's so better with dark hair, looks more mature and manly ! <3
Miyu | URL | 2009/03/22/Sun 18:30 [Edit]
I'll be writing up a report as soon as I can, but yes! His hair is definitely almost totally black again. It's great!

Happy Birthday to your mom, too!
Zoey | URL | 2009/03/22/Sun 16:32 [Edit]
@ ct : Really ?? YAY !
I prefer Takeru with brown/black hair than orange ! xDD

@ NT : thank you !!! xDD

@ zmillia : better to be late than nothing ! ;D
Miyu | URL | 2009/03/22/Sun 13:46 [Edit]
ahhh eppy burfday to him!!!!late 1 =P ^_^v
zamillia | URL | 2009/03/22/Sun 13:33 [Edit]
Happy birthday to your mom too!! XD

NT | URL | 2009/03/22/Sun 06:46 [Edit]
Apparently his hair is almost black- yay!
ct | URL | 2009/03/22/Sun 03:58 [Edit]

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