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hahaaa !!! It's not 21st here but already in Japan !! Takeru's birthday !
People who go to the TAKERU FESTIVAL, have fun !
Take-chan will be busy for 2 days, then at the end of the month !

You know what, Take-chan wrote his 399th entries on his blog today, so on his 21st, his bday, if he writes an entry, it will be the 400th ! Can we hope to see a 2nd 400 Days Diary ? It would be great !

English softsub for Mei-chan no Shitsuji ep 10 is available to download here.

All episodes are subbed, really the story can't finish like that. It should have a SP with Mameshiba's ruturn from England, then Mei must tell him her answer. Love is prohibited between shitsuji and lady, so I have a question in mind, now Mei is the successor of Hongo family, what will happen if her grandpa asks her to marry an other rich guy ?! LOL or now she's the successor, she can do what she wants and breaks the rule of prohibited love between shitsuji and lady ?

We can make a 2nd season with all these questions ! xD

Don't know what will be next Takeru's project. I hope to see him soon in a next drama. In may, ROOKIES and GOEMON movies will be out !

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Happy Birthday to Takechan!!!!!!!

Im really happy today! haha

Takeru must be so happy with his fan on the event today XD

I hope to see him in the next drama too!!

NT | URL | 2009/03/21/Sat 08:31 [Edit]
I can't wait for Takeru's next project. I hope it will expand his acting muscle further and see him getting more interesting characters.

As for Mei-chan, I think her story is finished, because her grandpa seems to be okay with Rihito as a boyfriend/husband? material. The only character with unfinished story (apart from the questions on other St Lucia's students) is Kento. Will he become a successful butler? No one knows, though there is a nice hint in the drama that he will get further than his brother.

Happy Birthday Takeru. You're an adult now. Now, use this break to get your driving license.
ct | URL | 2009/03/21/Sat 05:48 [Edit]

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