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Download - Sato Takeru in Shinigami no Ballad Ep 07-08
I'm relieved my blog returned to normal, there was some server problem, that's why you didn't have access for 2 days ! I was afraid the server crashed and lost all the datas ! but it's still here !

I uploaded Shinigami no Ballad Ep 07-08, the 2 episodes where Takeru is. There is no seed anymore in d-addict and maybe there is some people who want to watch it ! For those who didn't see it, I recommend to watch it ! No need to see the other episodes because these are independant stories. Takeru has the lead role in this 2 episodes and this is a cute little story with some naked scene in the bath !!! xDDD
Shinigami no Ballad Ep 07-08
English hardsub by SkewedS Mediafire 175 Mo
Ep 07 : 001 | 002
Ep 08 : 001 | 002

+ English sub available for Mei-chan no Shitsuji ep 07
And softsub are available for ep 01-07 to download here

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raaahh ! my blog was disappeared again !!!

@NT : Happy you can watch it now ! :D
haha ! bath scene, we should watch this drama just for this ! xDDD
Miyu | URL | 2009/03/03/Tue 02:10 [Edit]
I've been looking for this!!

Thakyouuu~so muchh

and that scene in the bath *w*!!!!

NT | URL | 2009/03/02/Mon 04:46 [Edit]

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