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Download - Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ep 07
Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ep 07
Awww !!! I'm jealous !!! xD he's just so cuuuuute ! *dies*
Mei, why are you in love with Rihito when little Mameshiba is just so cute i take your place when you want !

Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ep 07 Credit : d-addict
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English sub available for Mei-chan no Shitsuji
• TimeLesSub has released their hardsub for the ep 01-04 on D-addict. HD and SD version are available !
• And softsub are available for ep 01-05 to download here

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@miyu: it was fixed ^^ i can dwnload it thanks a lot :)
kubi | URL | 2009/03/01/Sun 09:45 [Edit]
@ kubi : Part 2 works well in my computer, retry later maybe it just temporaly.

if you have still problem, I will upload on megaupload.
Miyu | URL | 2009/02/28/Sat 00:41 [Edit]
wow! u already upload this ep..thx a lot >.< btw why i can't download part 2..?
kubi | URL | 2009/02/27/Fri 19:06 [Edit]
@ NT : yes ! the beach scene is the best !!! <3 it's just so awww !!!! (*^w^*) love it !

@ Shivy : I thought the same thing ! xD I'm not biased (really ! xD) but Mameshiba's hug shows more love than Rihito's hug !
Even in general in the drama, we feel more love from Mameshiba than Rihito.

It's always Mameshiba who protects her (the treasure game, the aquarium, the timeless house etc...), when Rihito is just somewhere else or with Lucia-sama !

Raah !!! Mei, open your eyes !!!!!!!!! LOL
Miyu | URL | 2009/02/27/Fri 17:57 [Edit]
Hello, stumbled across your blog and saw that lovely picture of Mameshiba and Mei. I just watched the ep without subs today, lol~ Is it just me or does Mameshiba hug alot more "real" and comfy than Rihito? =P
Shivy | URL | 2009/02/27/Fri 13:18 [Edit]
aww The moment at the beach's so touching~~
I wish I were Mei!XD haha

Mameshiba is soooo cute when he tried to protect Mei^^

Anw, Thanks a lot!!
NT | URL | 2009/02/27/Fri 06:41 [Edit]

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