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「TAKERU FESTIVAL 2009〜ニシヘヒガシヘ〜」
Happy Valentine's Day everybody ! Who gave chocolate to his beloved ?

We know now what is the big info TAKERU BIN is supposed to give !
Take-chan said in his blog today that there will be a big event in Tokyo and Osaka for his birthday on March 21, 「TAKERU FESTIVAL2009〜ニシヘヒガシヘ〜」
The festival will be on several days with 3 performances per day in Tokyo and 2 perf per day in Osaka (Don't ask me what will be the perfomance, I don't know yet, wait for more informations)

■東京・TFTホール [Tokyo TFT Hall] (東京都江東区有明3-1)
(1)start 11:30 / (2)start 14:30 / (3)start 17:30

(1)start 11:30 / (2)start 14:30 / (3)start 17:30

■大阪・ATCホール [Osaka ATC Hall] (大阪府大阪市住之江区南港北2-1-10)
(1)start 13:00 / (2)start 17:00

(1)start 13:00 / (2)start 17:00

More infos : / PC用

+ Last English sub available for Mei-chan no Shitsuji ep 04 and ep 05
• TimeLesSub has released their hardsub for the ep 01-04 on D-addict. HD and SD version are available !
• And softsub are available for ep 01-05 to download here

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Me too I want to go but I have to work !!! T---T
And I already went to handshake event last month, I can't go every 2 months, that cost money ! lol

and 21 March is also my mom birthday, she will be mad if I said I prefer to go to Takeru's birthday ! xDDD

Hope he will have lot of fun !
Miyu | URL | 2009/02/14/Sat 19:57 [Edit]
I just read that in his blog and use google translation to help me understand

Oh the big event is coming!!

I absolutely want to fly to Japan that day!

but that month i'm sure I cannot go TT
How bad!

anw, Thanks for the news
He must be so happy with the fans on his bd~
NT | URL | 2009/02/14/Sat 19:47 [Edit]

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