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Ah-aaaa !!! Lot of work, didn't have time to update earlier !

Mei-chan no Shitsuji English sub
And TimeLesSub has released their hardsub for the ep 01 and ep 02 on D-addict.
HD and SD version are available !

And softsub are available for ep 01-04 on d-addict

And there is new stuff about Takeru on his blog, but this is only for Japanese people !
Just sad they didn't think of us, poor foreigner fans !

Clic on the banner :
TAKERU BIN [or TAKERU MAIL in English] is a service which provide informations about all Takeru's activities, you just have to send them an empty e-mail (no need message nor e-mail object), simple until there but when you register, they ask you your name, adress, phone number and obviously in Japan !
You cannot apply if you're not Japanese. That's a pity, I also want to know the informations !

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Lol !

Cool you can registered ! :D
Yeah, I also felt like something big would happen ! True that his birthday is next month !
Keep us update for this big info ! ;D
Miyu | URL | 2009/02/13/Fri 14:22 [Edit]
Aww XD.. I registered for this because I'm Japanese and I understand. You're not really missing out on anything though, they tell you like the most DETAILED information about him like the next magazine he's in or a reminder to watch Mei-chan episode 5 LOL

But it looks like something big is going to happen (and i hope through the internet) in March aka his birthday. Perhaps another Takeru TV!?!?!

The main reason I registered was to find this 'big information' out XD
Kei | URL | 2009/02/13/Fri 01:17 [Edit]
you're welcome ! :D

yeah ! pity they don't consider that Takeru could have foreigner fans !

Nice to meet you too ! :)
Miyu | URL | 2009/02/11/Wed 23:06 [Edit]
I want Takeru news too!! TwT
How pity..

well, thanks for the explanation
because i dont understand Jap at all:X

Nice to meet you^^
NT | URL | 2009/02/11/Wed 13:43 [Edit]

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