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Download - Sato Takeru Gout Temps Nouveau 2009.01.07
Takeru was in a TV show on 2009.01.07 in Goût Temps Nouveau !! It's always fun to see how Japanese use French words ! Goût Temps Nouveau really means nothing together in French ! Litterally (for those who don't understand French), this means in English, Taste Time New ! or maybe if they would put the words in an other place, it would be better !
2009.01.07 in Goût Temps Nouveau
44Mo - .avi format - Download : MF

This interview was really funny and about love ! Takeru can be really weird, but I like it ! It's more interesting ! Here some translation :

Takahashi Naoko : Takeru-kun, are you the type that will confess your love to someone ?
Takeru : I can't do it ! [It would surprise me if he said "yes absolutly !" lol]
MC : Ohhhh ?

Makiko Esumi : How many times in a day would you e-mail your girlfriend ?
Takeru : Probably never... maybe. [xDDD]
Makiko Esumi : Don't do it ?

Yuuka : Takeru-kun, what's your weakness in love ?
Takeru : There are a lot but... I will say innocent lies

Makiko Esumi : Between the 4 MCs, who would you choose as your girlfriend ?
Takeru : Yuuka-san.
Makiko : Ah, boring !!! [lol ! seems it's been long time nobody said her name ! xD]

Takahashi Naoko : Why ?
Takeru : She has an innocent image.
Sugoi suteki desu !

Yuuka : And between the 4 MCs, who would you choose as your older sister ?
Takeru : Yuuka-san. [I would say Makiko ! xD because I like her !]
Yuuka : Me ?
Takeru : Can I tell why ?
Yuuka : Tell us please !
Takeru : [Don't have full translation as there is no kanji to help, but he explain he doesn't have big sis and finds great when his friends talk about their big sis and gets jealous, so he merges cute older sister image with his ideal girlfriend]
Of course, everybody (the other MCs) would be funny too !
Kyoko Uchida : Don't say "everybody is funny" but "everybody is pretty" !

Then Kyoko Uchida asked to explain why he said he would say innocent lies.
Takeru said that if his girlfriend call and ask him "What are you doing right now ?" when he's with his guys friends, he would answer "Nothing, I come back home", lies which don't hurt [It's kinda stupid, beacuse if you said you do nothing, you have time to see your girlfriend ! xDDD]

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thank you very very very much for the translate...

I just know that Take-chan loves a girl like that..

thank you..
lia | URL | 2010/02/16/Tue 05:05 [Edit]
Goût Temps Nouveau
thank you very much for this video, and for
translating it!!

I'm going to translate it in French.
Do you agree?

I'll credit you ofcourse!

itsumo arigatou!!
Nana | URL | 2009/06/28/Sun 18:37 [Edit]

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