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Hiatus for 1week - Going to Takeru Handshake meeting
Hi !!!
I will not post for a week because I fly tomarrow for Japan for Takeru's handshake meeting. I really decided this not long time ago I take some vacation too !
I will report the event when I come back on Jan 15

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@ Valentina : yes for his 2nd photobook, I just come back from it. of course you can friend my blog, no problem ! :D

@ Iam: thank you !!! :D
Miyu | URL | 2009/01/11/Sun 08:18 [Edit]
Hope you have a nice trip^^
lam | URL | 2009/01/11/Sun 04:44 [Edit] so jealous is that the one for the 2nd photobook event? i've recently become a takeru fan from den-o and rookies >_< yoroshiku~! is it ok if i fren you on my blog?
valentina | URL | 2009/01/08/Thu 22:35 [Edit]

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