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Oricon Style ranking !
2008 was a good year for Takeru !
The survey firm Oricon has announced its top rankings for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs sold between December 2007 and December 2008.
p1011005923.jpg p1005075767.jpg
ROOKIES Omote Box is ranked #1 in TV drama DVD with 63 000 copies and Sato Takeru is ranked #1 in Idol DVD sales with 6000 copies
Source : anime news network

And according to Oricon Style website, here the results of the 4 rankings about actors in drama in 2008. Takeru is in the top 3 of each ranking !

The most popular actor in drama in 2008 :
1. Kamiji Yusuke
2. Miura Haruma
3. Sato Takeru

The young actors we saw the most in drama in 2008 :
1. Miura Haruma
2. Sato Takeru
3. Mizushima Hiro

The actor we want to see the most as the hero in drama :
1. Sato Takeru
2. Miura Haruma
3. Kamiji Yusuke

The most handsome actor :
1. Mizushima Hiro
2. Miura Haruma
3. Sato Takeru

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