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Takeru for Cosmagic
Sorry I'm late for everything but I was not at home recently ! Will post everything soon.

I was on Takeru's blog and see a new banner at right, what's this ?
I just wanted to post this about Take-chan who is the mascot of Cosmagic ! haha ! I'm wondering why he represents this brand as it's for make up, I would see a girl but no they chose Takeru.

Seems there will be a CM soon, hem... Takeru dancing with cheek blush ? just wondering...

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I admit I don't like his hair that way. He looks different! Can't they choose a better photo?

But I cannot wait for the CM. I hope it will be fun. Now Takeru has two CMs~ yay!
ct | URL | 2010/03/03/Wed 02:36 [Edit]

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