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Download - Ryomaden Ep 05 [704x396]
I forget to post Ryomaden ep 05 ! ep 06 will be posted tomarrow !

Ryomaden Ep05
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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003

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I converted it with Kigo Video Converter, I didn't find an other program for MAC OS X to convert .mkv format. For PC, I don't know if there is other program...

Hum !!! Okada's girlfriend ??? uh ! uh ! Want to see !!! lol
Miyu | URL | 2010/02/10/Wed 13:55 [Edit]
This is episode 5. Thank you^_^ So happy that you still continue to upload this one. Can I know how did you convert the HD file to this size? Which program you used?

Btw, there's a new cast added to Ryomaden, Usuda Asami, as Okada Izo's koibito. This is probably one of the hint his character will grow as we go along.

PS: So he was not topless? aieeeee!!!!
ct | URL | 2010/02/08/Mon 13:22 [Edit]

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