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Download - Bloody Monday Season 2 ep 01
Bloody Monday Season 2 ep 01 is out ! I didn't watch it yet, I have too much work, I just upload it in same time I worked.

I just watch some part really quickly, the scene on the roof when Maya captured Otoya and she takes Otoya's cellphone in his pocket !!! hahaha ! She puts her hands everywhere on him, I'm quite jealous ! LOL

Bloody Monday Ep01
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the topless guy looks more like the old guy who's narrating the story :x

bm2's ending was shocking!

anyway...takeru was topless in white sands :b
feebs | URL | 2010/01/27/Wed 08:32 [Edit]
LOL ! I didn't watch Ryomaden ep 4 yet !
Must watch tomarrow but I have lot of work !

Takeru topless... I'm sure there are all topless except him ! lol He's not the type to expose himself too much, the only pics we can at least see his chest is the ROOKIES pics with all the members.
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/27/Wed 01:33 [Edit]
yay! Thank you!

I only managed to watch the last half an hour, so I missed Maya's harassment. I think I want to replace her in that scene. *cough*

And the scene in Ryomaden 4? I think I'm 75% confirmed it is him going toples while exercising. heh. Boy got muscle. Here:
ct | URL | 2010/01/26/Tue 01:04 [Edit]

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