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Download - Special post Bloody Monday 2
Tomarrow, 1st episode of Bloody Monday saison 2 !
Special Bloody Monday 2 Post !!!

These are some pics of the Bloody Monday 2 press conference

19.01.2010 Bloody Monday Press Conference

Download :
I ripped it in HD quality.

Takeru and Haruma promote Bloody Monday.

Download :

Tokyo Friend Park II Bloody Monday 2 Cast - Backstage

I still wait to download the entire show, so at least, I find the backstage.
Download :

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Yeah ! I got the same feeling about Ryomaden ep3 but I like this hard headed Takeru, we can see a new face of him. I'm waiting to his character in following epsiodes.

Yes! Seems Otoya has a more important role in the story. That's cool because he was really absent in the 1st season and I think they could use Otoya more in the story than they actually did.
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/22/Fri 21:57 [Edit]
BM2 tomorrow! I'm expecting more Otoya now, please have more Otoya. From these promotions, it looks like Takeru will feature in a lot of scenes.

And thank you for Ryomaden 3, I really enjoy it so far. Takeru is looking so hard-headed that it's almost scary. Never see him with this much killing intent before (and that's just the kendo scene!)
ct | URL | 2010/01/22/Fri 15:09 [Edit]

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