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Download - Ryomaden Ep 01 [706x396]
Ryomaden has been uploaded on D-addict but this is quite huge format, more than 3Go for the first episode, I downloaded it but I don't have time to upload 3 Go, I converted in avi format in [706x396].

1st episode was interesting, not much Takeru but it feels like he will become bigger in the following episodes. Drama has 49 episodes, so we have time to see his character to evolve in the story.

I really like Takeru in manly character, he has something totally HOT !

Ryomaden Ep01
601 Mo - Join with HJSplit
Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
Mirror Link : MU

Episode 2 is uploading right now. I will post it tomarrow !

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Time I watch the episode is time I upload the episode in same time. And I want to see the entire serie, I don't watch lot of taiga drama, the only one I watched a bit was Fuurin Kazan, just because of Gackt, I must admit it ! xDD But Gackt was really cool in samurai, I think it suits him well.

Thanks for the link, this guy is French ! lol
As I speak French myself, easy to read !
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/12/Tue 11:41 [Edit]
Really? Wow! You must have like what you see since you don't mind uploading it. Thanks a lot.

Currently, there seems to be no sub, we would probably have to rely on the captured from American channels. It seems the language they used is an old-style Japanese and not many can understand it. In order for me to understand it a bit, I rely on this guy here: Hopefully he continued to write further synopsis.
ct | URL | 2010/01/12/Tue 06:54 [Edit]
@ ct : haha ! I actually plan to upload all episodes. 1st ep lasts 1:20 but other episodes last only 43minutes and as I convert in more little format like ep 2, only 356 Mo in 704x396 px, I don't mind upload all episodes ! :D

I'm wondering if a team will sub it or not... It could be more difficult to understand the political plot in next episodes.
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/12/Tue 04:16 [Edit]
Thank you!

Like you, I also believe his role will expand since he will play an important part in Takechi-san's political party.

Just wondering, are you going to upload just the Takeru's episodes? Because I don't think you will do all 49 of them. xD Thank you again for these episodes!
ct | URL | 2010/01/12/Tue 03:46 [Edit]
@nerefir : yes, I thought the same. I like good quality but the guy who uploaded 1st episode on d-addict was too big!
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/12/Tue 03:41 [Edit]
Thank you! I thought 3gb was a bit much too.
nerefir | URL | 2010/01/12/Tue 03:07 [Edit]

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