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Takeru and Haruma's trip in New York + CM Tokyo Friend Park II
I managed to buy THE GAME DVD and TAKERU MAGAZINE PLUS ! I hope to receive them quickly ! I want to know if we see me in the audience ! xDDD

For those who want to watch it, please go to indoorlawnchair's livejournal. I didn't watch it yet, my Internet sucks right now and doesn't want to open it !

For TAKERU MAGAZINE PLUS, I will post pics when I will receive it, next week I think.

And here, a video of Takeru and Haruma's trip in New York by awaiting the DVD to be released. Takeru is just so cute when he asks what time is it in English to the woman !

CM of Tokyo Friend Park II TV show. Cast of Bloody Monday 2 was there. It will be aired on Jan 14th 2010. Don't miss it.

Yesterday was the 1st episode of Ryomaden ! Waiting to watch 1st episode !

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@feebs : I can't buy on asmart, so I usually buy items on Yahoo Japan auctions with Rinkya, of course it's more expensive but it's the only way to buy something.

Or you must have a Japanese friend who lives in Japan who can buy for you then send it to your own country.
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/07/Thu 13:28 [Edit]
how do you purchase asmart's merchandises? please tell me!!! :c
btw, i love your blog!!! :D
feebs | URL | 2010/01/06/Wed 15:23 [Edit]
@ct : sashiburi ! long time no see you ! :D
Buying a house is so much work !

You already saw Ryomaden 1st episode ?
I'm waiting for d-addict to put online, impatient to watch it beause of what you said and so much time we didn't see Take-chan on screen. I miss it !
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/05/Tue 23:36 [Edit]
Welcome back! And congratulations on your new house! Yay!

Ryomaden is good. It works like a movie and the character is so interesting. I definitely will try to follow the second episode now. Takeru's character is hot-headed, easily angered. We got to see him flirt with Hirosue Ryoko. xD
ct | URL | 2010/01/05/Tue 10:13 [Edit]

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