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Merry Christmas ! Takeru's new releases
Gomen, gomen, gomen ! I didn't update since so much time !

But I bought a house ! So, I was really busy with work, administrative papers for my new house, bank, so many things to think. But I still keep an eye on Takeru's stuff! I didn't move yet, I have some work to do in my house like painting walls and I need Internet before the final removal in the beginning of January

Today is Christmas, so I want to wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS !
I work even on Christmas day but today, I want to take time to update my blog, maybe I will do a new banner if I have time tonight !

I will summarize all new stuff Takeru announced :

1. Bloody Monday Season 2
Broadcast starts in Jan 23, 2010.
Synopsis : Whereas the first series dealt with a deadly Russian weapons-grade virus, the new season is set two years later when an aircraft bearing a new kind of nuclear weapon threatens Tokyo. --Anime News Network

Impatient to watch it, I just hope Takeru will have more time in screen than in season 1, only 2 minutes of him in each episode was no enough, I think Otoya could have a more important role in the story.
The four have been recorded TV show Tokyo Friend Park II, I want to watch it !

2. HT - N.Y. no Chushin de, Nabe wo Tsutsuku -
Release Date : 2010/02/17
Takeru and Haruma together. They went in New York last summer and nobody knew it ! Great vacation! And they filmed a DVD, private life of Take-chan & Haruma-chan ! already pre-order it on CD Japan !

3. Takeru Calendar 2010
3 sort of calendars :

2010 Calendars (wall type) ¥2,000
[Size] 30 × 30cm (when used : 60 × 30cm)
[Contents] Cover + 12 months (6 sheets) + page wall calendar year 2010 bonus, a simple design with a large picture !

2010 Calendars (desk type) ¥1,800
[Size] 14.5 × 14.5cm × thickness of about 1.2cm (collapsed)
[Contents] 6 Conventions months (bellows version) × 2 books / Pre-clear sleeve

2010 Calendars BOX ¥4,000
[Contents] Wall Calendar Desk Calendar + bonus + "TAKERU PRESS"

TAKERU MAGAZINE PLUS Vol.1 (Limited Edition with a towel)
All color. Size : A4 Size 68pages - ¥1,500

5. Takeru to appear in Gekijoban TRICK Reinosha Battle Royale
Released spring 2010, the movie "Gekijoban TRICK Reinosha Battle Royale ". A decision has been made to let him appear!
Popular drama "TRICK" will have a 3rd movie adaption that Takeru will appear in!
Takeru who is a big fan of TRICK was really psyched to challenge the recording.

Source : citzera @ Cube_of_takeru
Takeru said in his blog it was a difficult role to play but he enjoyed it !

6. BECK poster

7. Ryomaden
Takeru is still filming Ryomaden. Broadcast period: 2010-Jan to 2010-Dec.
Drama starts next month !

So long time we didn't see him on sceen, I MISS HIM SO MUCH ! Go to next month to watch all new drama ! yay !

I think I have resumed the most important things. I have magazine to scan too ! I will scan them tonight, and will post soon.

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@ Rizu : sure, you can share it.
Miyu | URL | 2010/01/10/Sun 16:14 [Edit]
C-CALENDAR?! *dies*
shocks, CD Japan/YesAsia should sell it~ THEY MUST XDDDD

do you mind if I save some pics and share it on a comm in LJ? I'll upload it on my own photobucket account and link back to where I found it to credit you (I'm sure the members will be thrilled to see preview pics of the 2010 calendar :D)
Rizu | URL | 2010/01/10/Sun 05:51 [Edit]
@feebs : for now, only on asmart shop.
We need to wait a little to know if CD Japan or Yesasia and maybe HMV Japan would sell it later.

I bought the calendar 2009 in Yesasia and calendar 2008 was available on CD Japan.
Miyu | URL | 2009/12/28/Mon 23:46 [Edit]
where can we get the calendar? :(
i can only find it on amuse shop but we can't purchase there T_T
feebs | URL | 2009/12/28/Mon 15:26 [Edit]
@ nerefir : thank you ! :)
This is lot of work to buy a house but I'm happy I can do it when I'm young. This is sort of new life for me.
Miyu | URL | 2009/12/26/Sat 03:53 [Edit]
Congratulations on buying your new house!
nerefir | URL | 2009/12/26/Sat 03:33 [Edit]

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