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Donwload - New Fit's CM - Nara
Yay ! the new Fit's CM is now aired on TV !

I ripped it and converted in .avi format.
Download the CM :

Cuuuute !!!

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Hi! I couldn't find that image anywhere 80
where did you find it??
If you don't mind, can I copy it? 8D
I hope I could put it in my blog header... coz he looks sooo great XD
kyura | URL | 2010/05/03/Mon 15:10 [Edit]
I'm not ok with what you said as most of all Japanese CM have a drama actor, a singer or Johnny's inside ! They always use someone famous for the CM. For example, Kimura Takuya (from SMAP) has 4 or 5 CM this summer for a energetic drink or even toilet smelling thing. Japanese brands always use popular people for their image !
Miyu | URL | 2009/10/23/Fri 21:58 [Edit]
i don't like... it...
am I the only one who hates... it???
I mean... ok. there muast have been other ways for him to make money....
Eri | URL | 2009/10/23/Fri 00:41 [Edit]
@ ct : LOL ! I know what you mean ! On an other guy or the short itself is really ... ugly ?
but on Takeru, it's not bad, this guy can wear everything !
Miyu | URL | 2009/09/30/Wed 22:07 [Edit]
I really wanted to comment on that pants, but I can't find a word, because everything suits him. This is Japan's fashion.
ct | URL | 2009/09/30/Wed 07:54 [Edit]

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