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Takeru's "School festival tour"
Takeru Bin announces a new event, Takeru's "School festival tour" !
Takeru will visit some school and university to talk with people ! He already did this last year in November in 3 universities.

This year, they decided to make a bigger tour in more school ! On 4 days, he will visit 8 schools, see the list below :

2009.10.24 - Fukouka Private Women's College (Fukouka)
2009.10.24 - Kwassui Women's College (Nagasaki)
2009.10.25 - Takasaki University of Commerce (Takasaki)
2009.10.25 - Jumonji University (Niiza)
2009.10.31 - Nihon University College of International Relations & Junior College (Tokyo)
2009.10.31 - Tama University (Tokyo)
2009.11.22 - Kyoto Koka Women's University (Kyoto)
2009.11.22 - Kobe Kaisei College (Kobe)
Credit : 400 days

Check infos on his official website, there are some different conditions to reserve a seat following the school you want to go.

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