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Report - THE GAME Boy's Film Show
Hey minna, I went to THE GAME yesterday, it was so great, I really enjoyed it ! I regret to not have taken a ticket for Sunday too. So, I write full report before forgetting some details.

I arrived at 1:15PM, only 2 stations from my hotel. I arrived in front of the Nakano Sun Plaza and followed the 2 girls in front of me, I went upstairs to buy goodies. I bought the crown strap, the box with the pamphlet inside, the clear file and the 2 bags (pink and black). Then I waited outside.
Zoey, I was looking for you but I didn't see you, maybe next time !

Then, we entered the building, then the hall, I was in the 12th row place 24, I was not far of the stage, really in front of Takeru during all the after movie. The show started exactly at 3:00PM. The movie was so funny. It begins with a race course between Haruma and Takeru, it looks like a sort of Matrix, Haruma runs and looks tired when Takeru followed him without expression, really cool scene ! Then the movie talks about 5 stories.

The 1st one was a black jack game but with nose hair, to take out 21 nasal hair to beat the bad guy and save a girl. Totally stupid but really fun. No Takeru in this story.

2nd story, 2 friends who play guitars in the street. One of the guy meets a guy who propose him to realize all his success wishes. He accepts but in the end, he will regret and return with his friend, No Takeru in this story too.

3rd story, they are all students who wait for a new female teacher with big boobs but a ugly man will come instead ! Really funny story, Haruma and Take-chan are just hilarious.

4th story, 4 of amuse guys went to see a girl with a birthday cake but she's not at home and it's his mysterious little brother who opens the door. They play to a game, don't know the name, with wooden batons, the one who has the good one decide for the others what to do. #2 to kiss #3 for example, but here the little brother is kinda bad and really scary. No Takeru in this story...

5th story, the last one and my favorite, there are 2 gangs, a red and white gang. Takeru is the leader of the white gang. They fight on a ring to make the girls fainted with their power of seduction. The one who make the girl fall in love wins. Takeru is so damn HOT !!! Lucky girl, at the end, Takeru is all wet and damn sexy and hugs the girl then she fainted and he wins !

Then the after movie, the 8 guys arrived by the doors in the middle of the hall just behind me, so we can touch them. It was so quick I don't know if I touched Takeru's hand !!!
Takeru doesn't have short hair as in BECK, he looks like more in MV Akuma no game. Not straight but a bit curly. Totally cute !! He was dressed with the grey THE GAME tshirt with a grey sarouel, a long purple scarf and super ugly grey and red shoes !!! LOL Except the shoes he was perfect !

He first explained that Haruma is not here but in Osaka for his play. Then the MC asked where we are from, he was surprised there are people from abroad ! lol
They all introduced themselves, talked about the movie. They also asked us to stand up and dance with them. They showed us the choreography then we danced with them. One of the guy said to Takeru to make Fit's dance, he did twice with the audience, it was so cute to see him make Fit's dance for real !!!

Then we did the game with question/answers. My Japanese is limited so I didn't understand all the questions, but I made it nearly all right. In the end not many people continued the game, me I continued, it was fun. The last question about Takeru's CD, I made it right, the MC said only 7 good answers in the audience and said to go on stage to shake hands and have a signed clear file. I was so afraid to have misunderstood the thing, I didn't go !!! So stupid I am to didn't go now I think about that !!!! It just kill me !!!!

They will release a DVD on sale on August 15, just it's on ASMART and Lawson , they don't like foreign people !!!! But I definitly put my hand on it !!!
All the goodies aare available on ASMART too.

And Takeru in horror SP drama on August 25 !!! I'm impatient to watch it !!!

GOEMON DVD is available on ASMART. But it should be in sale in store too. I will try to find it tomarrow in DVD store !


I just read now Takeru is in hospital for influenza !!! ah poor thing !!! hope he will get soon early ! It's not serious but I don't like to know him sick ! Takeru ganbare !!!!

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I made a pic I posted in this post

I can't do better pic, I think we can see clearly how is the bag.
Miyu | URL | 2009/09/12/Sat 00:52 [Edit]
hello,,i know you bought THE GAME Boys'film show goodies. One of the goodies,2 bags (pink and black)..i want to see the black one clearly...bcoz i want to buy it..
Would you mind to take photos of the bag for me?!

In the amuse web site ,,it is not very clear, just a picture.
i want to see the real sample....

hope you can help me..

P.s..i am come from HK(Hong Kong) eng is not very good..hope you can understand my comment..SORRY!!
Shizuku | URL | 2009/09/11/Fri 10:12 [Edit]
thanks for your help!! i am a foreigner too.
i dont have a friend in japan.. =( but i shall try the Rinkya thing..hope its not too complicated..thanks for your help.. =)
Jun | URL | 2009/08/18/Tue 03:40 [Edit]
@ zoey : don't worry, hope next event if I can come, we can meet ! yeah the show was awesome !

@ ct : ahhhh !!!! I know !!!! it kills me everytime I think of that !!! why I didn't move my ass to the stage...
yes, Takeru seems to be the "leader", the one who is the most popular with Haruma. The Matrix scene is super cool !
ah poor Takeru ! to catch the flu... I feel bad for him, hope he can at least take some rest to all the work he has to do....

@ Jun : As I'm a foreigner, I can only buy ticket or goods of event on Yahoo Japan Auction by using Rinkya or other substitute to bid because you can't directly bid yourself on it if you're not Japanese. But of course, it's not free and you must some commission. Or have a Japanese friend who can buy for you. Asmart doesn't ship to international, so you need someone in Japan who can buy for you then send it to you.
Miyu | URL | 2009/08/17/Mon 12:31 [Edit]
hi, i'm jun, first time leaving a comment here!! =)
you are so lucky to get to see takeru!!i hope i can get to see him in real person next time..

btw i have a question..where do you get tickets to events like this??also, where do you buy takeru official goods like his festival goods etc..and also the upcoming the Game DVD on the ASMART website..i want to get it so much!!thanks..

hope takeru will get well soon..
Jun | URL | 2009/08/17/Mon 04:45 [Edit]
Whyyyyyy didn't you go to the stage and get your prize and and and shake his hands?? *bang head* Okay, no killing is allowed. :p

That sounds really fun and clearly Takeru is one of the stars. I saw the picture in the Matrix scene with Haruma, lol, Takeru looks like the evil hunter. Really hot. And omg! Your description of the last movie... *dead* Want to see~~~

Poor boy is sick. Hope he gets better soon, it's too bad when he got sick, his event has to be cancelled. Awww... He's feeling guilty now.
ct | URL | 2009/08/16/Sun 14:51 [Edit]
I wish I had been able to find you! I got out about when you got there ;_; Next time for sure! I had to get to a train for Niigata, or else I would have looked longer! I am so sorry I missed you ;_; At least the show was awesome! We have to flail about it sometime soon ^^
Zoey | URL | 2009/08/16/Sun 14:47 [Edit]

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