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Zoom n Super 2009.07.20 - BECK cast
Takeru really looks like a 15 years old boy ! xDDD espacially with this sort of outfits.
Need to see him with his own stylish clothes ! lol

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takeru's hair is fine. but mizushima's hair..... errr i dont know >_< i think its weirdd
vie | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 10:49 [Edit]
Don't worry !!! My eyes will not quit him even for 1 seconde during the show !!! >:D
I think he will create his own hairstyle when he doesn't shoot Beck (I hope...) or maybe for photoshooting, I will look for the next magazines !
Miyu | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 02:57 [Edit]
Don't forget, when you see him at the Game Boys Show, pls tell us how he style his hair. I don't think he will keep it like this during that appearance. But my goodness, he does look like the character. xD
ct | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 02:05 [Edit]

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