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Takeru new hair !
God, they kill me with this new haircut !!!!

New haircut for BECK movie. Um... I don't know what to think about that ! I LOLed so hard when I saw him ! It's totally look alike Koyuki (Takeru's character), so it's ok, but I totally dislike it too for Takeru himself !
Screen cap come from Zoom n Super 2009.07.20
Credit : zoeycleybourne @cube_of_takeru

I need to be used to it before appreciate it !

EDIT : Take-chan posted a pic of him on his blog !

Ok, it's still weird to me but not as the first time I saw him, he should find a hairstyle for short hair, maybe like Haruma-chan, dunno... but Take-chan, do something, onegaii !

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First time i saw this pic, I laughed so much .. hahaha

I prefer the long hair anyway XD

However, it's cute . He looks younger!
NT | URL | 2009/07/22/Wed 15:29 [Edit]
i think his hair gonna be cute when it grows longer. maybe it'd be like his den-o or puri2 d hair. i kinda like it. he looks young :D
rinjie | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 10:44 [Edit]
@ terri : great you love it ! :D Me, I still need time to be used to it ! lol I still prefer when his hair are a lit longer...
Miyu | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 01:41 [Edit]
he looks sooo much better with his new haircut! i love it! the old hair was too much for his small frame!
terri | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 01:26 [Edit]

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