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OMG ! I'm going to THE GAME Boy's Film Show Event !
I'm impatient to receive my ticket ! I will go on 8/15 at 15:00 and I have a good seat ! I'm happy ! So you will not see me from 11 to 23 August, I'm in vacation in Japan.

Takeru was in TV show ! YAY !
GYOTEN SP 090624 - Guest Sato Takeru
427Mo - Join with HJSplit
Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

LOL @ Takeru :
The final round of the ‘Amuse National Audition’ has finished, and actor Satoh Takeru (who belongs to Amuse) made a surprise appearance to present the award to the winner, who was chosen from among a myriad of contestants. "I hope we someday have an opportunity to work together" said Satoh, after applauding the performance. "And please take me out to dinner with that million-yen prize money." The crowd burst out laughing at that ‘Satoh Takeru-style’ congratulation.
Source : Music Japan News

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| | 2012/03/24/Sat 05:23 [Edit]
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| | 2011/10/03/Mon 14:23 [Edit]
Hey! I just saw that you got a ticket! I'm going at 11:00 on the 15th! We should meet after my show and before yours! Would you be interested? <3
Zoey | URL | 2009/07/21/Tue 09:53 [Edit]
@ Julia : the link works, I put "http://" twice, that's why it doesn't work, but now it works.

uwwoooo ! thank you for your explanation about the shoulder thing, I didn't know it.
LOL ! Yes, Takeru have muscles, espacially arms and abdominal muscles. He's really thin and doesn't show him half naked but you can see when he sometimes wears a sleeveless top or when he does break dance ! :)
Miyu | URL | 2009/07/07/Tue 01:35 [Edit]
broken link
First of all, thanks for all this! It must be a lot of work!

Unfortunately, the mediafire link for file 3 is not working. ;____;

Cncerning the question why Take-chan cannot touch his shoulder with his arm, it was said on Brainiac (veeeery old British science show) that some people - mostly men- cannot do it because their arm muscles are too strong. Hm, is that really the case with Take-chan? ^^;;;
Julia | URL | 2009/07/06/Mon 18:39 [Edit]
@ vie : thank you

@ ct : of course I will report ! :D
Yay! that part of the guy who loves Takeru is just amazing ! xD

@ NT : lol me too I I totally didn't know he can't touch his shoulder ! that's so strange, his arms are too short ??? xDDD
Miyu | URL | 2009/07/01/Wed 16:37 [Edit]
Takeru in GYOTEN was soooo cute!!
I laughed so much when a guy seems to like Takeru that much (though I didnt know what they're saying at all)

Takeru 's blush is always adorable~~

However, how come his hand cannot reach his shoulder!!
This is new information about him ,,, haha

Thanks for the clip anyway!
And that you're going to Japan

Wanna go too!!
NT | URL | 2009/06/30/Tue 16:30 [Edit]
Ack! Lucky you. Have fun in Japan and don't forget to report. LOL.

Thank you for the Gyoten, omg! Who's that cute guy that looks like Tsumabuki Satoshi? Yuji-something? Totally crushing on Takeru. I laughed so hard, he got teased by Nakai.
ct | URL | 2009/06/29/Mon 19:27 [Edit]
omgg ur so lucky. have a great time there xD
vie | URL | 2009/06/29/Mon 11:00 [Edit]

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