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Download - Utaban 2009.06.07 Guest ROOKIES
ROOKIES was guest in Utaban 2 days ago ! We don't see Takeru a lot, but always nice to see him on tv. I cut the ROOKIES part only with the little performance at the end, they all sing together !
(2009.06.07) Utaban - Guest ROOKIES Credit : d-addict
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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003

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| | 2011/11/16/Wed 06:39 [Edit]
thanks very very VERY much! :D
Nadia | URL | 2010/02/24/Wed 04:13 [Edit]
Utaban 2009.06.07 Guest ROOKIES
Thank you very much for your reply =)

I hope find some communities LJ that could translate all Takeru's videos lol
Nana | URL | 2009/06/17/Wed 12:36 [Edit]
@ nana : you're welcome ! :D
Don't know who would translate this show, must wait if some communities on LJ would do it or not...
Miyu | URL | 2009/06/12/Fri 12:30 [Edit]
Utaban 2009.06.07 Guest ROOKIES
Thank you so much for this raw video!!
I like rookies very much and it's always a pleasure to see Takeru-kun at TV!

I would like to ask you if you know someone who could translate it into english, just make softsub?
Because I don't understand what they say T___T

Thank you very much!
Nana | URL | 2009/06/12/Fri 09:08 [Edit]

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