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THE GAME - Boys Film Show -
There is a new banner on Takeru's blog,

Amuse presents THE GAME - Boys Film Show -
Takeru will host, with 7 other Amuse guys, a special Amuse Event on August 14.15.16th, 2009. They will air a movie where the 40 boys from Amuse will participate.
EDIT 1 : From what I understand from Takeru's blog entry from today, they will take pictures and short films with young actors from Amuse (Takeru, Miura Haruma, Sakurada Dori will be in with many others...) and make a movie with this, then show to people at the event. Theme is "Game".

The event will take place in Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza.
Ticket price : 3900¥
More infos :

I wanted to go in Japan in August, then decided that I will not go ! But I changed my mind right now and I think I will try to go ! I'm waiting for more infos about the event!

EDIT 2 : We talked in the comments with ct, watch preview of MR BRAIN ep 4 !!! Takeru as a creepy pianist with blood everywhere !!!! This episode will be great ! Can't wait !

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@ Zoey : Yes, I can't take ticket on Japanese websites ou shops, so If I want to go, I will buy one on Yahoo Japan auction ! :)
Miyu | URL | 2009/06/11/Thu 20:46 [Edit]
Hey! Balloting for tickets ends in a couple hours, but you should be able to find a ticket on Yahoo Auctions in about a month <3
Zoey | URL | 2009/06/11/Thu 06:16 [Edit]
@ ct : yeah, I think the same, about young Amuse actors so maybe to introduce them, dunno...

Thanks for Mr Brain ep 4 synopsis ! It sounds so interesting ! So his character named Yui, it suits him ! lol I can't wait !!!!
Miyu | URL | 2009/06/09/Tue 21:34 [Edit]
ack! I just saw your edit. Thank you for translating it. I think they might do a videoshoot of those 40 boys (maybe an intro? or video diary?) then, they will show it at the event. Not a proper movie I think.

About Mr Brain, the synopsis for Ep 4 is out. Takeru's character, Yui, has been arrested by the police because of the murder of his sister's fiancee. But seven years ago, he suffered a brain hemorrhage, now he has a memory defect. How can you charge someone of a crime if he cannot remembers it?

Plot sounds more interesting, finally they delved into the mystery of the brain instead of a typical mystery drama in the first three episodes. I believe rating should go up too. heh.
ct | URL | 2009/06/09/Tue 20:05 [Edit]
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| | 2009/06/08/Mon 21:15 [Edit]
@ ct : Yay I know, I already 2 times in August because it was my summer vacation during school and it's really hot and not confortable !

Yes he acts in the movie but I don't know what will be the story/plot.

Yay! Preview of MR BRAIN was cool ! I mean, it's the first time I see Takeru with such creepy role ! totally different from what we already saw of him ! I think it's good for his carrier to act the "vilain" sometimes, not always the good nice guy...
Miyu | URL | 2009/06/08/Mon 16:29 [Edit]
Japan in August -_- It's hot and stuffy. Good luck!

I'm more interested in the movie, I wonder what is it all about? Will Takeru act in it, if yes, how about his character? Will it be shown in the cinema? How's the storyline? From the poster, it looks like a card-game.

Btw, the Mr Brain preview, Takeru looks creepy. Can't wait to watch it.
ct | URL | 2009/06/08/Mon 15:08 [Edit]

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