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Download - Ryomaden Ep 04 [704x396]
I didn't watch it yet ! I don't have time T-T
I have time to do nothing except work !!!

Just no topless Takeru in this episode ! LOL ;)

I cannot upload earlier because mediafire hates me today !

Ryomaden Ep04
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Download - Bloody Monday Season 2 ep 01
Bloody Monday Season 2 ep 01 is out ! I didn't watch it yet, I have too much work, I just upload it in same time I worked.

I just watch some part really quickly, the scene on the roof when Maya captured Otoya and she takes Otoya's cellphone in his pocket !!! hahaha ! She puts her hands everywhere on him, I'm quite jealous ! LOL

Bloody Monday Ep01
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Takeru's Birthday Event in March 16-23th, 2010
Take-chan's Birthday event
Takeru announced in his last blog's entry that for his 21st birthday, an event will be held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya between March 16 until March 23, 2010.


☆ 3 / 16 (Tuesday) and 17 (Wed)

☆ 3 / 21 (Sun) 22 (Mon)
Zepp Osaka

☆ 3 / 23 (Tuesday) and 24 (Wed)
Zepp Nagoya

I don't have more info for now.
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Download - Special post Bloody Monday 2
Tomarrow, 1st episode of Bloody Monday saison 2 !
Special Bloody Monday 2 Post !!!

These are some pics of the Bloody Monday 2 press conference

19.01.2010 Bloody Monday Press Conference

Download :
I ripped it in HD quality.

Takeru and Haruma promote Bloody Monday.

Download :

Tokyo Friend Park II Bloody Monday 2 Cast - Backstage

I still wait to download the entire show, so at least, I find the backstage.
Download :
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Download - Ryomaden Ep 03 [706x396]
I moved to my new house last week ! I live now near the sea, I really enjoy it !

I received my TAKERU MAGAZIN EPLUS, I wanted to p-do pics but I don't know where is the camera cable ! I must find it ! lol All my house is still a mess, I need to tidy up !

Ryomaden Ep03
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Download - Ryomaden Ep 02 [706x396]
Only 20 secondes of Takeru in episode 2 ! LOL
Need to wait for the story progresses but it's interesting, please watch it.

Ryomaden Ep02
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Mirror Link : MU
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Download - Ryomaden Ep 01 [706x396]
Ryomaden has been uploaded on D-addict but this is quite huge format, more than 3Go for the first episode, I downloaded it but I don't have time to upload 3 Go, I converted in avi format in [706x396].

1st episode was interesting, not much Takeru but it feels like he will become bigger in the following episodes. Drama has 49 episodes, so we have time to see his character to evolve in the story.

I really like Takeru in manly character, he has something totally HOT !

Ryomaden Ep01
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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
Mirror Link : MU

Episode 2 is uploading right now. I will post it tomarrow !
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BECK movie 15s trailer + Ryomaden starts at 23.2%
Yay ! The 1st trailer of BECK + Official website is now online.

To see the trailer, click on the link :

The official website for Yukihiko Tsutsumi's live-action film adaptation of Harold Sakuishi's Beck rock-and-roll manga has begun streaming 30 seconds of the latest footage from the film on Wednesday.

A 15-second version of the new footage also appeared on the NTV television program Zoom In!! Super on Wednesday. The film will feature about 30 original songs, although the real-life production team of the songs have yet to be announced. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi (20th Century Boys, Trick, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, H2) began shooting the film at the beginning of last July, and Shochiku will distribute the film in Japan this fall.


Source : animenewsnetwork

Good rating for the 1st episode of Ryomaden,I still don't watch it... need someone to upload on d-addict !

NHK's new taiga drama "Ryomaden," starring Masaharu Fukuyama (40), premiered on Sunday night. Viewership data shows that the first episode averaged a 23.2% rating, indicating a fairly good start for the show.

Source : tokyograph
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Takeru and Haruma's trip in New York + CM Tokyo Friend Park II
I managed to buy THE GAME DVD and TAKERU MAGAZINE PLUS ! I hope to receive them quickly ! I want to know if we see me in the audience ! xDDD

For those who want to watch it, please go to indoorlawnchair's livejournal. I didn't watch it yet, my Internet sucks right now and doesn't want to open it !

For TAKERU MAGAZINE PLUS, I will post pics when I will receive it, next week I think.

And here, a video of Takeru and Haruma's trip in New York by awaiting the DVD to be released. Takeru is just so cute when he asks what time is it in English to the woman !

CM of Tokyo Friend Park II TV show. Cast of Bloody Monday 2 was there. It will be aired on Jan 14th 2010. Don't miss it.

Yesterday was the 1st episode of Ryomaden ! Waiting to watch 1st episode !
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