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Takeru participate to 【Act Against AIDS “今年もチャリティ”ザ・バラエティ 2009】
Finally, a news about Take-chan !

Takeru will participate to 【 Act Against AIDS “今年もチャリティ”ザ・バラエティ 2009 】 with Miura Haruma in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo on Dec. 1st, 2009. He already participated to AAA last year with Haruma-chan. He will certainly sing again with him

Ticket Release Date: November 1 (Sun.)
Ticket Prices:¥ 5,500 - (specify tax / standing room)

More infos :
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Download - PV The Game Boy's Film Show DVD
The Game Boy's Film Show DVD is in pre-order until October 12th in special shop like ASMART, Loppi and other shops that foreign people can't buy...
But we can at least see the PV/CM of the DVD. You can read the synopsis of the 5 stories in this post.

Don't miss the sexy wet Takeru in the preview !

Download the CM :

More infos :

Definitly must buy it !
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Pics - Takeru in Ryomaden
Yay ! First pictures of Ryomaden ! LOL
Credit : cube_of_takeru and

and Takeru posted in his blog today, they will release a calendar for 2010. The shooting is already finished, he said it will be a great calendar ! We wait to see it !
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