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Zoom n Super 2009.07.20 - BECK cast
Takeru really looks like a 15 years old boy ! xDDD espacially with this sort of outfits.
Need to see him with his own stylish clothes ! lol

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Takeru new hair !
God, they kill me with this new haircut !!!!

New haircut for BECK movie. Um... I don't know what to think about that ! I LOLed so hard when I saw him ! It's totally look alike Koyuki (Takeru's character), so it's ok, but I totally dislike it too for Takeru himself !
Screen cap come from Zoom n Super 2009.07.20
Credit : zoeycleybourne @cube_of_takeru

I need to be used to it before appreciate it !

EDIT : Take-chan posted a pic of him on his blog !

Ok, it's still weird to me but not as the first time I saw him, he should find a hairstyle for short hair, maybe like Haruma-chan, dunno... but Take-chan, do something, onegaii !
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Download - DON 090630 Guest Sato Takeru
Takeru was in TV show DON, 2 weeks ago, still cute to see him on TV.
DON 090630 Guest Sato Takeru
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Mediafire : 001 | 002

Still don't have news of his new haircut !!!! He only post old pics or his cats, but still doesn't want to show him ! haha ! Takeru is such a tease !
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Takeru in a new drama Ryomaden, in January, 2010
Takeru will be in a new drama called Ryomaden, in January, 2010, which will be aired on NHK. 49 episodes for this 49th NHK Taiga drama. Hope to see Takeru for lot of episodes.
This drama will take place in old Japan, in Edo period with samourai and all the things. Takeru will play Okada Izo who was an assasin from a group called The Four Hitokiri (manslayer) of the Bakumatsu. They opposed the Tokugawa shogunate (and later, supported the Meiji Emperor). These four samurai were warrior elite and widely considered undefeatable by normal people.

On Tuesday, NHK unveiled the primary cast members for next year's taiga drama "Ryomaden." A total of 21 names were officially announced.

It was already known that Masaharu Fukuyama is playing the lead as Sakamoto Ryoma. Although Ryoko Hirosue has been cast as his first love, there will be at least two more key female characters: Yoko Maki as his wife, and Shihori Kanjiya as a swordswoman he encounters.

The rest of the roster includes Tetsuya Takeda, Teruyuki Kagawa, Nao Omori, Wakako Shimazaki, Kaoru Okunuki, Yo Oizumi, Takeru Sato, Jun Kaname, and Pierre Taki, most of whom have never appeared in a taiga drama before.

Filming is scheduled to start at the end of August, and the series broadcast will begin in January.
Source : Tokyograph

Some info about Okada Izo (Takeru's character) :
Okada Izō (岡田 以蔵, 1832–June 3, 1865) was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period, feared as one of the four most notable assassins of the Bakumatsu period. He was born in Tosa to the gōshi Okada Gihei, who had been a peasant but had bought the gōshi rank. Izō and Tanaka Shinbei were active in Kyoto as assassins under the leadership of Takechi Hanpeita.
Source : Wikipedia
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They search people to play the audience for BECK movie
Takeru has written a post today, they will be shooting a scene from a Beck concert and need people to play the audience in the film.

There will be 2 shootings if I understand well :
1st groupe (~500 people) : 07.28 — 07.29
2nd groupe (~2000 people) : 07.29 — 07.30

You can apply by clicking this link :
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Takeru cut his hair !
I have nothing really interesting to post today (must wait tomarrow !), but Take-chan said in his blog, 5 days ago, he cut his hair but he still didn't show it ! Even today, he has posted a pic before he cut his hair, I'm so impatient to see it ! I just wonder how he cut his hair, he said he looks younger, and seems he started training of musical instruments for Beck movie. I know the character he plays in Beck has short hair but I hope he didn't cut too short ! LOL

Promotion of THE GAME - Boys Film Show - has started, they put lot of posters in Harajuku station. They also updated the offcial website Staff report and informations are updated, the goodies page will be coming soon ! I want to see the goodies !
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Download - MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~
I watched MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~ ! It's a really sad story who made me cried at the end, Takeru got a great role in this.
I was surprised by Koide Keisuke, I only know him as the cowardly Mikoshiba in ROOKIES, and he really did well in "yakuza mode" ! lol
Even there is no sub yet, you can easily understand the story.

The drama is is set several months before the actual story in Tezuka's manga. The main character is a man named Takashi Morioka, who has lost his job and his home due to a recession. He ends up falling into a trap set by the diabolical Yuki Michio, and in order to protect the things important to him, he is forced to stain his hands in evil. --Tokyograph
I'm just in love of this smile !
MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~ Credit : D-addict
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SPOILER - Don't read if you don't want to know the end
It's written in white on a white background, highlight with your mouse to see the text appear.
It's the first time we see Takeru's character dying in a drama/movie, and I realize yesterday, I just hate the idea that Takeru can die even in a fiction, I really hope until the end he would escaped or for a false bomb, but not... T-T +++

EDIT : I forget to tell you that sofsub of MR BRAIN ep 05 is available here
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Download - S007 090629 - Guest Sato Takeru
I still didn't put my hand on MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~ !
But in waiting the SP drama, watch this TV show, it's just amazing.
At the end, Takeru made a love confession training, totally funny and cuuute !
S007 090629 - Guest Sato Takeru
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Oricon announced its "fresh star ranking" for the first half of 2009, which surveyed 1,200 men and women about young celebrities who have left the strongest impression on them.
1. Hiro Mizushima
2. Audrey (owarai duo)
3. Takeru Sato
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Download - Miyaneya/Sukkiri 090630 - Guest Sato Taeru + Tanimura Mitsuki
Lot of TV shows to promote MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~ . So I uploaded already 2 of them, interview of damn cute Takeru and Tanimura Mitsuki. They show lot of images of the drama, It looks great ! I'm so impatient to watch it !

Miyaneya 090630 - Guest Sato Taeru + Tanimura Mitsuki
Download :

Sukkiri 090630 - Guest Sato Taeru + Tanimura Mitsuki
Download :
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