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Download - TOKINO TOBIRA 090521/090528 - GUEST ROOKIES part 1&2
This is the 2 parts of a TV show with ROOKIES !

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Mediafire : 001 | 002

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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
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OMG ! I'm going to THE GAME Boy's Film Show Event !
I'm impatient to receive my ticket ! I will go on 8/15 at 15:00 and I have a good seat ! I'm happy ! So you will not see me from 11 to 23 August, I'm in vacation in Japan.

Takeru was in TV show ! YAY !
GYOTEN SP 090624 - Guest Sato Takeru
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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

LOL @ Takeru :
The final round of the ‘Amuse National Audition’ has finished, and actor Satoh Takeru (who belongs to Amuse) made a surprise appearance to present the award to the winner, who was chosen from among a myriad of contestants. "I hope we someday have an opportunity to work together" said Satoh, after applauding the performance. "And please take me out to dinner with that million-yen prize money." The crowd burst out laughing at that ‘Satoh Takeru-style’ congratulation.
Source : Music Japan News
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Download - Trailer MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~
Hey ! Long time no post ! I totallyyyy didn't have time before !!! Got so much work ! tired !

On Tuesday, June 30, don't forget to watch MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~.

Trailer of MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~ !!! hoho ! Looks like great ! lot of action ! There are also Koide Keisuke (as Mikoshiba in ROOKIES) and actress Tanimura Mitsuki (as Tami in Mei-chan no Shitsuji). Takeru with glasses looks so cute !

Watch MW Dai-0-sho Yokoku
Download trailer :
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Download - MR. BRAIN ep05
2nd part of this mystery ! you will finally know who is the murderer !
it will keep you in suspense until the end to know who kill who ! lol
MR. BRAIN ep05 Credit : d-addict
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Softsub are still unavailable yet ! Soft sub for ep04 should be ready soon.

EDIT : Softsub for ep 04 is available !! Go here to download !
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Download - MR. BRAIN ep04
Great performance ! Takeru is damn cute in this drama !!! Not as creepy as we could imagine in the preview, but even if you don't know if it's him the culprit or not, you want to protect him ! (Maybe because we can feel the sadness of his character and I'm just biased so I would like to protect him ! lol)

MR. BRAIN ep04 Credit : d-addict
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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008

Takeru will be in MR. BRAIN ep05 next week as the murder is still not resolved in ep 04 ! Softsub are a bit slow, ep 03 is still not subbed yet, you will need to wait to watch it with sub.

EDIT : I just rewatched it ! lol I just noticed Takeru's character (Masaru) supposed to be 26 years old !!! We can see it when they shows his portrait on the giant screen ! lol
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Pics MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~
MW Dai-0-shō ~Akuma no Game~ official website is opened !
There are 2 pics of Takeru, really cool !

Don't forget tomarrow night, meet creepy Takeru in Mr BRAIN ep 4 ! Can't wait !!!
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Download - Utaban 2009.06.07 Guest ROOKIES
ROOKIES was guest in Utaban 2 days ago ! We don't see Takeru a lot, but always nice to see him on tv. I cut the ROOKIES part only with the little performance at the end, they all sing together !
(2009.06.07) Utaban - Guest ROOKIES Credit : d-addict
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Mediafire : 001 | 002 | 003
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THE GAME - Boys Film Show -
There is a new banner on Takeru's blog,

Amuse presents THE GAME - Boys Film Show -
Takeru will host, with 7 other Amuse guys, a special Amuse Event on August 14.15.16th, 2009. They will air a movie where the 40 boys from Amuse will participate.
EDIT 1 : From what I understand from Takeru's blog entry from today, they will take pictures and short films with young actors from Amuse (Takeru, Miura Haruma, Sakurada Dori will be in with many others...) and make a movie with this, then show to people at the event. Theme is "Game".

The event will take place in Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza.
Ticket price : 3900¥
More infos :

I wanted to go in Japan in August, then decided that I will not go ! But I changed my mind right now and I think I will try to go ! I'm waiting for more infos about the event!

EDIT 2 : We talked in the comments with ct, watch preview of MR BRAIN ep 4 !!! Takeru as a creepy pianist with blood everywhere !!!! This episode will be great ! Can't wait !
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Scans - Sato Takeru POPOLO 07.2009
Takeru in Popolo ! He's the only one to have a special page in ROOKIES ! YAY !

Sato Takeru POPOLO 07.2009
Download all scans HERE : MF
No hotlinking, please. Save my photobucket bandwidth.
If you want repost elsewhere, credit me ! Thanks ! :D
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Scans - Sato Takeru JUNON 07.2009
I changed banner !!! I like this one, Takeru sexy manly pose !!!

Some scans today ! From Junon, I like this photoshoot,
Espacially the last pic is really cool !
Take-chan posted in his blog he has recorded ep 4 of MR. BRAIN ! YAY ! it will be aired in 1 week and a half ! I'm impatient !

Sato Takeru JUNON 07.2009
Download all scans HERE : MF
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"ROOKIES" rakes in 1.2 billion on opening weekend

As expected, the "ROOKIES" movie was a major success at the box office in its opening weekend. The film played on 428 screens across Japan, and in two days it was seen by over 980,000 people, earning more than 1.2 billion yen.
Source : Tokyograph
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Beck Rock Manga Gets Live-Action Film
UWOOOWWW !!! * don't have other words ! *
Read this :

"Hiro Mizushima, the 25-year-old star of the manga-based Absolute Boyfriend, Hana Zakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise, and Lovely Complex projects, will headline a live-action film adaptation of Harold Sakuishi's Beck rock-and-roll manga. The original manga portrays the lives of five members in a Japanese rock band on the rise, including the charismatic guitarist and band leader Ryusuke Minami (Mizushima).

The other "ikemen" (handsome) band members are 20-year-old Takeru Satoh (Princess Princess D, Kamen Rider Den-O, Rookies) as the vocalist and guitarist Yukio Tanaka/Koyuki, 29-year-old Kenta Kiritani (Crows Zero, Rookies) as the rapper Chiba, 18-year-old Aoi Nakamura (Shinigami no Ballad., Q.E.D., Koizora) as the drummer Yuji Sakurai, and 27-year-old Osamu Mukai (Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Monochrome Factor, Mei-chan no Shitsuji) as the bass guitarist Taira. 30 original songs are being written for the actors to perform with actual instruments after they undergo intensive training. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi (20th Century Boys, Trick, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, H2) will begin shooting the film at the beginning of July, and the film will open in Japan in Fall of 2010.

The original manga ended in Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine last June in Japan, and 15 million copies of the 34 volumes have been published since it began in 1998. Whereas Koyuki was the protagonist of the original manga, the film will focus on Ryusuke. Tokyopop published the first 12 volumes in North America, and Funimation completed its release of 2004-2005's BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad anime version last year.
Source : AnimeNewsNetwork

Even I don't read the manga, an adaptation with Takeru, Mizushima, Mukai and Kiritani sounds great !!!! The common point between all of them is Takeru as he acted with all of them at least in 1 drama ! Takeru as the vocalist and guitarist !!! ZOMG !!!! I want to see that !
Take-chan will be busy this summer !

I will buy Vol.1 of the manga just to have some view of the story !
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