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May 27, 2009 - ROOKIES FES 「卒業前夜祭」
On May 27, 2009, there will be ROOKIES FES 「卒業前夜祭」 in National Stadium, 3 days before the movie in theater. It's about Graduation of the members.
A festival with all ROOKIES team and Flumpool as guest !
Ticket cost \3,900

More infos :
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Pics - ROOKIES Roadshow !
Takeru is actually in roadshow for ROOKIES movie with the all ROOKIES team !
I post here some pictures of the events, on 24 April in Koshien !
Damn cuuute !
24.04.09 ROOKIES 01
24.04.09 ROOKIES 0324.04.09 ROOKIES 02
Clic on the pics for bigger size

In the stadium !
Clic on the pics for bigger size

I don't really know if he permed his hair again, seems a bit curly and not as black as TAKERU FESTIVAL, I would like him to let them flat and black like in the TAKERU FESTIVAL, it was cute !
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Scans - Sato Takeru POPOLO 05.2009 + WINK UP 04.2009
Here some scans ! :D
Takeru is actually on tour with the ROOKIES team, yesterday was in Nagoya then Osaka !

Sato Takeru POPOLO 05.2009
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Sato Takeru WINK UP 04.009
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Drama Releases
A second ROOKIES Perfect Book will be released on May 28, 2 days before the movie on theater !
The 1st one is a really beautiful photobook not really expensive (~15$) that I recommend all ROOKIES fans to buy it !
I will buy the Soutsugyou PERFECT BOOK !

Expected release date: May 28, 2009.
US$23.49 [~€18.10]

Pre-order it here on Yesasia

Mei-chan no Shitsuji DVD Box (DVD) (Japan Version)
Expected release date: June 17, 2009.
US$252.49 [~€194.52]

This edition comes with a mini photo booklet, plus interviews, TV special, set intro, and trailer.
Pre-order it here on Yesasia

wow ! this box set is kinda expensive, even I'm interested by the TV special, interview and others bonus, I can't buy it !
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Scans - Sato Takeru JUNON 05.2009
I bought some magazines today !
Takeru and ROOKIES photoshoot !

Sato Takeru JUNON 05.2009
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Some Blahblah
ahhh !!! I'm so bored ! No news about Take-chan ! I miss hiiiim !!!
I have nothing to post about him right now, I miss not writing on my blog too !

Takeru doesn't have drama in spring, must wait summer to know if we will have chance to see him in a new drama ! Mizushima is busy with a new drama this spring, forget the name but I think he has lot of work now ! And he married now with the singer Ayaka ! I'm happy for him !

At least, we must wait 2 weeks for GOEMON MOVIE. It will be on theater on 2009.05.01 !
I think there will be some promo around the movie ! Then it's ROOKIES movie for the end of May ! I'm impatient to watch it !
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Yesterday, I received TAKERU FESTIVAL Clearfiles and hairband ! Thanks Zoey !!!!
I'm so happy with the clear files ! There are 2 sets and stickers !
One is Takeru's pictures on the 2 faces, the other is pink with TAKERU FESTIVAL design logo and then the stickers. Stickers are cute, I put one on my cellphone ! xDDD

TAKERU FESTIVAL Clearfiles + Stickers
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TAKERU FESTIVAL report by Zoey !
Not new info about Takeru, I just want to say that if you are interested by a good report about TAKERU FESTIVAL, I invite you to read Zoey's report on her LJ :

Thanks to her to share that day with us !
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All TAKERU FESTIVAL goodies are available on ASMART
Take-chan recorded a message on ASMART to introduce his goodies !
Clic on the video below to watch it and download it here
Download :
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Download - Takeru in Zoom In 01.04.2009
Takeru in Zoom In 01.04.2009
The last appearence of Takeru in TV !
I miss to not see him every weeks in a drama !
He's just so cute with his new hair !!!

Download Links :
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Sashiburi !
Uwaaaaa !!!! so long time I didn't update !!!
I just spent a crazy full time week at work !!! I'm just tired to got so much work !
I feel so sleepy ! I need to crawl until my bed !

Not new things about Take-chan ! Now TAKERU FESTIVAL is finished, he must have some vacations ! Lucky him ! lol Me too want vacation !

Need to go to Japanese bookstore, long time I didn't go ! Maybe tomarrow !

I just post some pics of the ROOKIES road show !
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