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Bloody Monday ep 8 - Screencaps
Fufufu !!! My download for Bloody Monday ep 8 is still running but you can already see for screencaps on the official website ! There is more Takeru in this episode, I'm happy he has more time on screen !
Click on the thumbnails for bigger size
BMEP8-1 BM08-6-2 BM08-6-3 BM08-6-4 BM08-6-5 BM08-6-6 BM08-6-7 BM08-6-8 BM08-6-9
See ya tomarrow for download links !

And for those who don't know yet,
the 2nd Photobook [Deep Breathing] of Takeru is now available in pre-order on Yesasia, if some foreign fans are interested to buy it ! Please support Takeru !
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Takeru on Gyao Magazine 2009.01 + Bloody Monday Box1
Hey ! Hey ! Hey !
Take-chan on cover of the next GYAO MAGAZINE 2009.01 issue
Current release date is 04 Dec 2008 Don't miss it !
You can already pre-order it on HMV Japan
Takeru Sato cover GYAO MAGAZINE

is in pre-order on
The bloody Monday Box1 will be release on 23 January 2009 for US$74.99~7600¥
Include lot of stuff (cast, interview...) and a mouse pad

Don't miss tonight Bloody Monday ep 8 on TV

Last thing, Take-chan said today on his blog, you can order the Bloody Monday  SAVE THE EARTH T-shirt on Right-on website
Takeru Right On T-shirt
「みんなで一緒にSAVE THE EARTHしましょう。」*
*[Everybody, SAVE THE EARTH together.] Take-chan's last sentence of his daily entry.
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Takeru's Christmas limited charms and 『Act Against AIDS VARIETY 2008』

is already in pre-order on ASMART for 1000¥ !
In Vol.2, Take-chan was really cute, I'm so impatient to have it the Vol.3 !
There is a special Christmas set of Takeru's straps, with the neko on sale on ASMART for 1,600¥.
Cute Santa Take-chan !!
takeru christmas strap

An Take-chan announced on his blog :
On December 1st, the event 『Act Against AIDS VARIETY 2008』 will be held at the Nippon Budokan where will appear lot of guests, Takeru will participate to this event
Lucky people who can go to this show ! Enjoy it ne
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Welcome on Takelicious ! Takeru's new Photobook, new drama and magazine covers !
Hi everybody !

I opened this blog about Sato Takeru because I absolutly love this actor
He's one of my favorite actor since Kamen Rider Den O. Hope you will enjoy your stay here !

Takeru becomes more and more famous and lots of projects will come soon !

1. So first, Takeru will release his 2nd photobook 「深呼吸」
[Shinkokyuu - Deep Breath]. Current release date on 11 January 2009
Last summer, Takeru went to Hokkaido for the photoshoot, we will enjoy his new pictures soon !
Don't hesite to ask his photobook as present for Christmas and support Takeru, you can already pre-order it on Wanibooks or on HMV Japan

2. Then Take-chan is on cover of Best Actor: Vol.4 and Neo Actor: Vol.4
(Nov. 2008 issue). The Neo Actor's cover is absolutly cute !!!
180.jpg 759.jpg

3. And Takeru wrote in his blog, his next drama after Bloody Moday will be
[Mei-chan no Shitsuji - Mei-chan's Butler].
This drama will start 9 January 2009 on Fuji TV at 21:00.

Takeru will be Shibata Kento (one of the Shibata brothers), Mizushima Hiro as Shibata Rihito and Eikura Nana as Shinonome Mei. Don't miss this drama !
mei-chan no Shitsuji
© Takelicious ! 佐藤健 Sato Takeru fun stuff !. all rights reserved.
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